Addicted to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Republican Antics

So I too have fallen into the trap that is Comedy Central and current events. Wow, who would think that facts and current events could hold anyone’s atttention for longer than the critical 0.3 seconds that it takes for the average console-player to fall into stimulus-deprivation induced coma. But as it turns out, facts really are more amazing than fiction. At least during election season in the states, or as some like to call it the crazy season, when every lunatic, frothing in the mouth, spouts undiluted insanity to the masses on international television.

“My…informativeness is bigger than yours.”

This show was actually recommended to us by a political science professor at our university, and I’ve have been hooked ever since.
I have even endured the constant commercial breaks, with the same MTV-spot with that annoying bitch and her nasal wail, same spot, every break. The reason being, that this program is actually seriously informative and entertaining, and has helped me stay in touch with what is going on in the states.

In a Fairleigh Dickinson University 2011 study, they found some highly entertaining results. It turns out, that people only watch Fox News, are in fact less informed, than people who watch no news at all. And The Daily Show showed much better results, while mostly being very fast-paced jokes. To be fair, the Democrat propaganda-channels did not do much better, and I’m sure no-one is that surprised.

And the show is also quite impartial, though I do see the trend, that Fox News and Mitt Romney are firm discussion favourites. And as such, having the piss extracted constantly and remorselessly. Especially considering Mitt’s recent…antics, which produce absolutely hilarious television.

Of course this has something to do with more recent developements in the US elections, where this year is quite different from any of the previous ones. What usually happens, is that the candidates do their best to draw support from the widest possible demographic, and trying to position themselves and their views to the centre of the voter median, meaning as close the centre between left and right as possible. However, this year the Republican candidates have been either quite right-leaning, or outright bat-shit-crazy right leaning. The vice-presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, comes from the whole Teaparty scene with views as conservative as with-burning and nana’s mashep potatoes, and most candidates have taken a decicive step to the right, like, just to throw it off the top of my head, Mitt Romney, who becomes more conservative as November draws closer, and changes his views more often than his socks.

So this season we’ve had some truly brilliant moments of comedy from the extreme right, like candidates forgetting their points entirely in important debates, Ron Paul completely snubbed by Fox and pushed into obscurity, Todd Akin saying some of the most insane and hateful comments ever spoken by a sentient being (I guess rape victims really are gagging for it), and of course the star of the year, Mitt the Mor(m)on informing his 50,000$/plate audience, that 47% of Americans, who cannot be convinced to take a quantum of personal responsibility, are as good as dead to him once he is elected.

To be fair, Democrats have also shown some real display of backbone, such as the program for 2012, which famously did not include mention of “God” or Jerusalem being the capitol of Israel, which they changed, against the democrating party members voting on it, because they were so desparate for Fox News approval. Brilliant moment.

“And they will know how fucking predictable these things are.”

Oh yeah, and who was it who dropped the word “fuck” into his 10th Emmy acceptance speech? I think we can all guess.

Also, I got recently hooked into watching Breaking Bad, and I’ve pretty much oops’d the whole first season. In a space of two days. Sad. But awesome.


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