Steam Sales and Saying Goodbye to Your Money

They’re back, and they’re daily, and they’re awesome! The end of the world is officially cancelled and a lot of people are having a little moment of introspection, looking themselves in the mirror and saying “I am a wally, what am I?”shut_up_and_take_my_money_by_lolikips-d34yx16

In the meantime, the rest of humanity is busy getting ready for Christmas by buying themselves and each other presents and burning through all their money. Now that everyone else is sorted, it was time for me to get Hitman Absolution from Steam sales, 50% off. So thank you Steam, for awesome offers, letting me play the same game on multiple computers and taking all my money. I have a bad feeling that Far Cry 3 might end up in the sale as well, in which case I’ll have to buy that one as well. Damn.

We’ve been hearing lots of interesting things about awesome, non-linear game play and competent story-telling, especially with the main protagonist, Vaas. As well as character development through random acts of cruelty towards endangered animals. Oh well, looks like Absolution is downloaded, so long. Sod this, see you in 2013.


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