Bring Me The Horizon’s Sempiteral Kicks Arse

sempiternal1This album is pretty goddamn amazing. In the conservative metal circles Bring Me The Horizon has had a reputation for being a shitty metalcore band for “extreme” little teenage girls, with pretty boys playing crap metal with nothing but brootal breakdowns, but here is my position after careful consideration: fuck the police. Especially the genre-police. Who the fuck died and made you god over what is acceptable into the elite-boys club of proper metal and everyone else has to stand outside where it’s raining jizz and shit, with conformist sell-outs and Lars Ulrich, passing one soggy dog-end around? You arrogant bastard, shame on you. Actually the first time I noticed BMTH was in a Metal Hammer article, which bashed the fuck out of this band, which was enough to get me interested. So here’s a hint: you usually find out what’s most interesting, by seeing what music journalism (which, to me at least, usually represents the safest, most conservative attitudes in music and music culture, which incidentally, are guaranteed to get you the most readers and get those printed mags out of those magazine stands and converted into fan-boy money) happens to hate the most at any given time.

Anyway, BMTH is certainly a very imperfect band, and has never been anywhere near my favourite, and I don’t really understand what has made it so ridiculously popular, over bands that are certainly more skilled and have more vision. One reason is that they plain make awesome songs, with awesome brootal breakdowns, which are by all rights pretty damn cool, and a big brilliant ‘fuck you’ to the genre-police. Even some obvious lacks, as some monotonous elements and Oliver Sykes’ vocals, which were always a bit crap, even within the genre, are somewhat endearing rather than annoying. What is certainly important, is the awesome drumwork and talented guitar players, which more than take up any slack from Oli’s monotonous vocal style, as well as a surprising amount of musical vision into production, layering and mixing unconventional styles and sounds into hardcore blasting.

Suicide Season (2008) is still my favourite, and it was a really surprising move from BMTH to bring in so many electronic elements into Hardcore metal, as well as many more melodic elements and massive choruses, nevermind without the end result sounding like a miserably lame attempt to reinvent yourself as a catchy and approachable edgier rock-band. Like some other bands. Just off the top of my head, like Linkin Park. *cough cough* Which just got shittier album by album.

Anyway, while I miss the balls-out deathcore style from Suicide Season and Count Your Blessings, Sempiternal will blow your shit away by being catchy and heavy as fuck, with well integrated electronic elements and a natural sense of flow. Positively surprisingly, Oli Sykes seems to have improved his singing by miles from the disappointing TIAHBMISITIAHLKIAS, and the album production does some very cool things with clean vocals and brilliant vocal layering. So fuck yes.


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