Iron Man 3 and Dredd

Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. chillin

Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. chillin

These movies were pretty damn sweet. Finally had the copper coin to go to the theatre, while my wife was insistent to go and see Jurassic Park 3d with her friend. I didn’t want to hand over my Nuka Cola caps to see the same film I’ve seen for 20 years with added 3d gimmicks (btw Thank your goddamn stars George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney, otherwise we could look forward to seeing all six fucking parts in 3d by the end of the year, once he’d caught on to the fact that 3d apparently justifies screening your old movies again, with even more cg added on).

There is almost nothing that I could possibly say about Iron Man 3 without spoiling the entire film for someone who hasn’t seen it, though almost everyone has already seen it who’s going to see it. But just off chance you haven’t seen it yet, or you’re waiting for a dvd release, I’m not telling you a goddamn thing, and if you hear anyone talk about it, just stick your fingers in your ears and run away screaming as loud as you can, because you are going to enjoy this alot more going in vanilla. But, Ben Kingsley is absolutely fantastic in this, every detail is realized really well and the Avengers ties in really well with this, and the character development of Downey Stark Jr.mandarin4

Anyway, apparently Monday evening is not the hottest time to go and see action films, since I ended up sitting entirely alone in a theater with 132 seats. This is one of those things that is almost entirely exclusive to rock stars and film directors. And it was pretty epic, if creepy. It just seems like the perfect setup for a horror film, one jackass sitting alone in the dark, oblivious to anyone or anything in there with him.

Dredd was pretty damn sweet as well, and now I’m genuinely sorry I didn’t see it in theaters. Sylvester Stallone’s Judge Dredd…was just horrendous. They had a very shaky understanding of their source material, or they possibly just did not give a fuck. Even on the merits of the film alone, disconnected from its source, is really shit. Poor script, plot, characterization and unbelievable shitty ham-fisted acting. Stallone, Rob Schneider and Armand Assante could split the award for most overacting in any scene three ways, and particularly Rob Schneider deserves praise, as always, for being extremely annoying, unpleasant and not the least bit funny in any conventional way. At least you will feel relieved when it’s over. I think this movie was originally supposed to be Demolition Man 2 (another crap film), and someone added the Judge Dredd angle as an afterthought.dredd-sad

Dredd, thank bollocks, fixes pretty much all the problems that Judge Dredd was swamped with, not least in that it doesn’t have Rob Schneider in it. Karl Urban does a very solid job acting Judge Dredd himself, surprisingly, never taking off his helmet that covers the upper half of his face, as the comics never show Dredd’s face either. Karl “Rural” Urban has Dredd’s voice, expressions and mannerism down perfectly, and performs very well with the right sort of menace and dispassion.19_Mama_Dredd610x413

The film, I guess, is a prequel to the comic universe, this time following Dredd taking PsyJudge Anderson out on evaluation, where shit goes fucked on almost a comical level, as a murder investigation becomes a drug bust, becomes a two-against-300-psychotic-gang-members war in a locked down megablock. The main antagonist Ma-Ma, thank fuck, is entirely made up for the film, and very well acted by Lena Headey from Game of Thrones. As wonderfully 80s post-apocalyptic and campy the comics are, all the villains are pretty crap, and could not really hold up an entire film.

The JD universe is well realized with minimum exposition, and no Rob Schneider, as well as capturing the colourful and violent dystopia of the post-apocalyptic America everyone was so obsessed with at the time. The film makes the best of it, with slow-motion bullet damage ripping through tissue, bone and brains. They even came up with a suitable excuse for the slo-mo cinematography, through a drug, originally called Slo-Mo that puts you into bullet time.Judge-Dredd-best-graphic-novels

The only real disjunction is the very end of the film, where Dredd gives Anderson the pass. She did get herself captured and lost her primary weapon, and Dredd should have been too strict to pass her. Yeah, she did get herself free, but still, Dredd’s essential comedic awesomeness doesn’t come from being a flexible character. Of course, narratively it works very well, giving both characters development and growth, and makes for a satisfying ending, as well as makes sense in letting both judges make a lenient Judgement. But still, he is the law. Dredd. Awesome.


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