Corey Taylor – Seven Deadly Sins – Settling the Argument Between Born Bad and Damaged Good

sds-coverYeah, it’s pretty damn cool. I went into this book expecting the Seven Deadly Sins to be just another rock-star biography, with another humble origin story, where they start in a shitty home in a shitty little town, beaten over the head every day with poverty and depressing circumstances, leading to a life of stardom, crazy amounts of sex and snorting through cocaine marathons.

I was happily disappointed, as all these familiar elements were shoved to the sidelines, and mostly the Seven Deadly Sins is the crazed, philosophical rantings of a free-thinking, intelligent caffeine-addict, ready to dissect the classical seven deadly sins in modern consumer America, and tell all the blind motherfuckers what’s what.

Corey Taylor comes across as a rather sympathetic, if ranting, fun-loving cultural critic, with a personalized and funny way of narration. He mostly argues that the seven deadly sins are all bullshit, and unnecessary, fictional, emotional baggage that everyone is better off ditching at the first possible moment, and accept them as a central part of human nature. Rather than mystifying and demonizing our base selves and evolutionary urges, we should use them as positive drives of ambition, enjoyment and industry, and increase our awareness of ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses.

Of course once you dig deep enough it’s easy to find the real “sins” of modern day society, in racism, misogyny and global greed, visible in any and all forms of power, abuse, exploitation and instruments of control, and Corey Taylor is only too happy to talk about them at great, bitter and venomous length.

Corey Taylor’s language is very fun, natural and rich, and makes for a great read, even if he does crack the metaphor-switch a few too notches high.

For those too lazy to pick up a book and read the actual words, the new improved deadly sins include: Murder, Child Abuse, Rape, Torture, Theft, Lying and Bad Music. Concrete and easy to follow. Less of the whole mystification and insinuation. Last one doesn’t quite seem to fit in, but there you go.

Who can honestly say they give a shit about the Grammys, or like the disposable shit that the music industry secretes for the sole purpose of producing money at the most frantic and uncaring way possible. Do you have any idea how many MTV and American Music awards Justin Biber has won? Was he really, honestly the best and most dedicated artist on the planet in 2010 and  2012? 

Read it. You’ll enjoy it and be a better (read as less shitty) person for it.


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