“Something that needs to be said”

There are some minute, small and insignificant things people say that really drive you up the fucking wall. I have hundreds of these, and get unreasonably angry at hearing any one of them, regardless of who said it or why. My ultimate favorite is “Something that needs to be said.” There is no one, real, concrete, good reason why I hate this bastard-phrase, but I hate it. I really do. I will instantly judge anyone who says it as a mind-bending idiot, and everything else they say after it is irrevocably turned to meaningless, convoluted garbage. Of course it’s unfair, infantile and petty, but I find it hard to justify the use of this phrase in any context, and can’t think of any good reason why “Something that needs to be said” is something that needs to be said. This reaffirms my firm belief that anyone who feels the need to say it has something fundamentally wrong with their psychology, and the kindest thing for everyone is to give them a good slap to let them know they are doing something wrong.


I have never heard this phrase used to add anything to any conversation. It doesn’t tell you anything. Whatever that thing is that needs to be said, is usually something that everyone already knows. That is what it means, it is something everyone around you already knows, but for some reason you need to remind everyone of the stuff that everyone already knows. It’s so goddamn redundant! Not only is saying things that everyone knows, but it’s also commenting on that everyone knows it.

Usually there are several people talking, and they are having a debate. You are discussing things and making progress, presenting different views and viewpoints, considering different perspectives, and this just pops up as some redundant, bullshit verbalization of the viewpoint that everyone already holds. It’s bullshit. I’ll give you an example:

Jack: You know, we could talk about this issue for a good long time, but I’ve already decided my viewpoint, and I’m not changing it just because it is a logical fallacy.

Jill: Yeah, but you should not be so judgmental of other people, just because they think differently about things.

Jack: Well, you shouldn’t have such a nasty, little face.

John: I think there’s something that needs to be said here. I know this discussion is a waste of time, since you all are as flexible in your thinking as a box of Lego-bricks, but it’s important for us all to remember that we are all people here, and its important to be respectful towards others.

Jill: Thank you for saying that, John. That was something that really needed to be said.

Jack: Yes, thank you, John. I’m glad you said it. It needed to be said.

Something that needs to be said is an awkward and unnatural little phrase, and it never, ever happens in regular conversation. It still find it hard to grasp its nasty, little nature, but the real annoying part of it is that its so self-congratulatory and self-important. It is like the dispensing of the sole voice of reason in the conversation, and touching the true core of human knowledge, and I cannot shake the image of someone feeling really satisfied for getting to say it, like they really made a huge contribution, while saying nothing at all. “It was really something that needed to be said, and I said it. I’m such a nice guy for saying it, that really cleared the air and made everyone see the light.”

It’s nothing but masturbatory, self-important crap. It’s a hollow marker of meaninglessness. If there really is something that needs to be said, like “there is a big, venomous spider crawling on your kids face”, just say it. Don’t comment on yourself saying it. Because what you really mean is “there is something that doesn’t need to be said, but I’m going to say it anyway.” Actually, just start saying that instead, that would really sort the problem right out.

So bugger this phrase, I jolly well hate it. I would call it my pet-peeve, except that is another bastard-phrase I really hate as well.


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