Guardians of the Galaxy Is Easily the Best Film of 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy is more fun than anyone should be allowed to have while sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers. While I was originally put off by the trailer, which now seems surprisingly underwhelming, I was amazingly surprised by that Guardians of the Galaxy is virtually unique in two ways: in that it is actually better than its trailer would let on, and even more amazingly, lives up to the hype on the internet, which must be a fucking first for any human-produced cultural product.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians was ridiculously funny, well-paced, well-written, immersive and a whole bunch of other positive adjectives, and not seeing this film would be a seriously bad financial decision, as you’re not going to get the same kind of fun-to-currency ratio without facing prosecution. Apparently, Guardians 2 is already scheduled for production, and for once I’m happy about something being sequeled before it’s even out the theaters.


With all that embarrassing fan-boy nonsense out the way: if and when you see it, try and see if you can figure out why the main villain is evil. Because fuck if I could find a good reason. There is clearly a process here where a villain is quickly characterized as the most malignant motherfucker in the universe – because someone has to be – and Guardians sorts this out in record time, and I think the moment was so fleeting you could miss it by sneezing at the wrong moment. Mostly we know he is ridiculously evil by how characters react to hearing his name said out loud, like he is Voldemort and the viewer is Harry Potter bumbling about for the first time in the wizard world. Yeah, so that was the one bit of criticism I came up with.

Guardians of the galaxy cast

So, anyway, Guardians is awesome; it’s the dog’s bollocks, cat’s nuts and the troglodyte’s pudenda. It’s good. Did you get that bit yet? It’s pretty good!


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