Giopi 2014 Mission Majority – Fuck Taxes and Mudslingers

This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen…um…today. Yeah, at least today. Probably within my top 5 of this week, at least. Yeah, honest hyping doesn’t really work, does it? It’s easy to say something is the most random thing evar, but if you want to hype things up, mostly you just lie a lot. Really the most random thing ever? Even weirder than what you saw creepy uncle Gordon do once when he didn’t realize you were in the room? More random than Clint Eastwood walking on stage in the Republican National Convention and talking really angrily at a chair? Yeah, anyway, so…


Taking Back the Senate

So, this relatively bizarre creation is Giopi 2014, a National Republican Senatorial Committee published game, where a cartoon elephant stomps on Obama administration taxes with angry eyebrows and jumps on Democrat mudslingers, ye-olde-8-bit-platformer style. The aim of the game is to get Republican majority in the Senate – because America – by collecting three keys, because that’s how democracy works these days. Either way, the game is pretty simplistic, with little animation and basic game-play and a legitimate 8-bit soundtrack, along with grainy sound-clips from President Obama and Senate leader Harry Reid.

Left Turn at Fucked Up Alley

Either way, while it is kind of funny and random – I assume so it could go viral on YouTube and have twats posting about it, giving NRSC free advertising all over the internet – there is also a very distressing undertone to it. This has something of a same kind of feeling as something truly creepy, like Ethnic Cleansing, where you are a white supremacist shooting black people and jews in an run-down ghetto. This has the same kind of amateur-enthusiast, low production-value about it, but also the same kind of hateful, dehumanizing and polarizing rhetoric, where the other side of the debate is constructed neither as misinformed or even “wrong”, but rather as malicious and manipulative. They are not merely different in their opinions and views – working towards the same goals through different means – such as stabilizing the economy or improving social conditions, but are purposefully destroying America: they impose taxes specifically to kill jobs, they use “false and empty” rhetoric to sling mud on real, patriotic politicians, they intentionally immobilize people with unnecessary regulations and red tape, and manipulate people and muddle issues, stirring up shit to drown out conversation and kill all dialogue. This game is actually kind of fucked up.


Anyway, you can go play it free online at, if you really want to. It’s kind of random enough to be funny, and it might be worth a laugh to go and have a look at it, interjecting “This is totally how politics works!” every now and then with massive sarcasm quotes. If you really need a game that treats you like a slightly concussed head-injury patient. Still, the more I think about this the more messed up and uncomfortable it seems, and now I can’t help feeling like drawing attention to something like this is really doing anyone a favour.

Also, thanks to Jim Sterling for this video, which totally made my morning. And Thank God for Jim.



One response to “Giopi 2014 Mission Majority – Fuck Taxes and Mudslingers

  1. Looking in from the outside, as a non-American, I’d have to say *both* ends of your political spectrum – such as it is – come off looking malicious and manipulative.

    Hell, there isn’t really even debate; Strawman Inc. is doing more business than a cocaine dealer in 80’s Wall Street.

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