Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens

I would not have bloody well believed it without seeing it, but Star Wars is legitimately good again. Up until now, it has been a terrible time to be a fan of Star Wars, as nothing good associated with the Star Wars label has been pushed out since BioWare’s the Knights of the Old Republic in 2003, and the entire franchise had been dragged through the muck under the guidance of George Lucas’ sweaty, fumbling hand.


The Force Awakens has brought back all that was good and magical in the original Star Wars, in the excitement, fascination, mystery, comedy and action. J. J. Abrahams can assumably now coke himself silly and rub himself raw in celebration, as he’s pulled off an effortlessly flowing and massively explosive science fiction classic – breaking box-office records and pulling in brilliant reviews from every outlet.

All the canonical elements of Star Wars have been brought back to the screen – stormtroopers, X-wing fighters, guns that go ‘pew’, mystic mumbling about the seductiveness of the dark side, the lot – while balanced with a decent new storyline and a set of good characters to carry on the story. From the beginning to end, The Force Awakens is brilliant classic Star Wars that looks better than ever, and will easily go down with the best films of 2015.


You would think it must be impossible to make a good Star Wars, judging by its progenitor’s vision of farcical angst, floundering character drama and laughably contrived CG-action, but Force Awakens makes it look so effortless. The physical effects, outfits and good scripting and casting choices create a wonderfully flowing and natural sense of wonder and spectacle.

Absolute 10/10 action and hands down the best thing to come out under Star Wars since the original trilogy, or arguably since The Empire Strikes Back.


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