Bring Me The Horizon – That’s the Spirit

Wow, this album is really shit.

There’s a serious force of narrative expectation to elaborate on this opening and hammer down a track-by-track analysis of where this train made an unscheduled stop at Horrendous Piddle Station, but somehow I don’t think there is much there to add.

Certainly there might be big changes behind the radical change in musical visión, just off the top of my head, changing band-members to bring in a keyboard and electronic-heavy influence and Oli Sykes starting to take massive amounts of pro-psychotic medication, but I can’t see any combination of these circumstances amounting to this load of offensively inoffensive electro-pop rock garbage.


A suitable analogy would be a man sitting down to eat a bowl of cereal and then somehow lighting his own bollocks on fire and getting a Labrador pregnant with a generation Kanto flying/poison type Pokémon. And then Kit Harrington comes in and starts making out with Ronald McDonald while the Hamburglar betrays Cercei Lannister and takes the Iron Throne for himself.

Because none of it makes sense. Not a fucking thing about it makes sense. It’s blue banana bollocks insane. That scenario described above is just as ludicrous as the amazingly promising deathcore band that made “Suicide Season” and “Sempiternal” somehow completely lose the plot and cut out all the edge and corpulence from their style and go out to make a depressingly unenergetic and bland rock-album that makes them sound like a weaker Linkin Park.

So to cut this shit short: That’s the Spirit is in my opinion a bad album and I don’t like it.


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